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Frazier Nivens has been in the diving industry most of his life. He began at a early age imitating Lloyd Bridges character on the popular underwater adventure series “Sea Hunt” by swimming through the make believe cave “coffee table” with his mask, ping pong ball snorkel, fins, and wet suit “footy pajamas” and dreaming of the underwater adventures in his future. Today he’s now an active teaching status PADI Course Director #4041 living in Key Largo, Florida and has been a PADI member for over 30 years.


Frazier Nivens, shot his first underwater video in 1984 in Rum Cay Bahamas with a housing made of plexiglass, a couple of O rings and a huge full size VHS video camera. Frazier was there at the start up of the diving operation, Rum Cay Diving Club in Rum Cay, Bahamas back in 1979 and was the Director of Diving Operations there.

Frazier later went on to manage major diving operations in the Bahamas for Neal Watson’s Undersea Adventures and Stuart Cove’s diving operation in Nassau, Bahamas. In November of 1990, Frazier started up Nassau Scuba Centre, a PADI 5 Star Dive Center and then developed it into one of the finest operations in Nassau. He grew the operation into a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Center and then earned his own Course Director rating.

Frazier was inducted into the SSI Platinum Pro 5000 divers in 1993 with over 5000 logged dives. Click here to see the 1993 Platinum Pro Divers Directory page. http://www.divessi.com/platinumpro/pp5000_yearly_list.cfm?primary=1993

Frazier has worked with many of the PADI Headquarters staff on various projects, including a Semi-Closed Circuit Rebreather orientation for Drew Richardson, Julie Taylor, Karl Shreeves, James Morgan and Mark Caney.

Frazier was introduced to film by Canadian Filmmaker Producer John Stoneman whose award winning series, the "Last Frontier" and "Ocean Mosaic" series was aired on Discovery Channel. Frazier says that "Working with John Stoneman inspired me and shaped my life. He showed me the way and gave me years of experience working with him. He handed me my first underwater film camera and housing and let me shoot my first reel of film. “Thank you John! You allowed me to film dives and dive the dives that other divers only dream about doing".

After leaving the Bahamas in 1999, he moved to Key Largo and was Ocean Divers, a PADI 5 Star Career Development Center’s Course Director and then opened his own business, Frazier Nivens, Ocean Imaging Videography Productions specializing in the finest in Underwater and Videography productions. Frazier, his wife Laurie and two children reside in Key Largo, Florida.

Frazier uses LIGHT AND MOTION state of the art digital underwater video equipment and lighting. We utilize the LIGHT AND MOTION Housing and High Quality Wide Angle lens for the highest in quality underwater imaging. For underwater lighting we utilize LIGHT AND MOTION twin HID Underwater Lighting for the greatest in color. Visit www.uwimaging.com for more information on the best in underwater housing and lighting systems.

Frazier was a speaker at the Island Sun Splash Event in Key Largo, Florida on Underwater Videography and Video editing seminar in 2006 and 2007.

Click on the article that appeared in Sport Diver magazine to view the write up.

Frazier Nivens operates a full editing and post production facility in Key Largo, Florida. From acquiring the imaging you want topside and underwater he can then edit your video into a finished product and then duplicate your DVD's with a full color insert with plastic DVD case.

While in Key Largo visit Capt. Slate’s Atlantis Dive Center on Fridays and Sundays and Frazier is usually there filming Slate’s Creature Feature where you’ll swim with Nurse Sharks, Slate will feed his pet Barracuda Ballyhoo from his mouth and have his pet green moray eel come out of the wreck for a visit with you.  Don’t miss this dive!!!

Frazier shoots RED 4K Cinema imaging

underwater using a custom designed housing by Michael Hastings of


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Click on the article that appeared in Sport Diver magazine to view the write up.

Frazier on location in the Bahamas with Super 16mm Arri Camera filming the Discovery Channel Ocean Mosaic Series.