South Florida High Definition Video & Film Production Services
Key Largo, Florida
Shooting RED One Digital Cinema Imaging from South Florida

We now shoot and produce all productions utilizing the latest in high resolution imaging with the RED One Digital Cinema Camera.  For more information on this amazing camera visit www.

Cinema 4K imaging is now available for your film, television or corporate video production, both land and underwater based imaging we have it all.  We utilize the RED One Digital Camera, Lectrosonics 411 series wireless lavs, Sound Devices field mixer, Sennheisser MKH-60 shotgun/Rycote Windscreen/K-Tek Carbon Fiber Boom Pole, Jib Camera Crane and Camera Dolly and Track, Lighting kits and Green Screen production.  We also provide post production processing of all High Definition and 4K imaging in our Key Largo based 3 bay edit suite.  Need still imaging we can also shoot still imaging with the Canon MK II 1DS both underwater and topside.  Frazier has been in the production business for over 30 years and has completed thousands of video productions for various clients.

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Frazier Nivens is a National Association of Television Arts and Sciences Emmy Award Winning Film Maker, for excellence in programming, Sharks, Killer’s of the Caribbean”.  Frazier was selected as a Silver Council Telly Award Judge for 2009 & 2010.  Check out the latest music video

production, Underoath, In Division., released Nov. 2nd, 2010

on MTV.

Latest shot on RED, Murder In Paradise March 2011.  Click on the photo on the right for behind the scenes right frame grab from

RED One Cinema camera...model Alisa Basyuk.

For The Very Best In Creative Imaging Both Above And Below The Sea”


Underwater photography, Walt Stearns, Underwater Journal

Check out the new Epic 5K Digital Cinema camera

shooting 96 fps at 5K, beyond high definition imaging.

Small compact, multiple Epic’s will be available this year for movie quality productions and also 3D surface and underwater movie productions....

Editing R3D, color grading and post production for RED imaging available after the shoot.  Exporting to your favorite flavor of codec.